Passion for Paws, Inc. 

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Dedicated to the mission of keeping pets in their forever homes and to finding  new homes for rescued dogs and cats in South Florida."

Contact: Executive Director, Ms. Ava Rhodes
   Mailing Address: PO Box 373, Palm Beach, Florida, 33480 
   Phone: 561-420-0553


Passion for Paws, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit pet welfare charitable organization located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Passion for Paws  provides pet food and other pet care related assistance to financially distressed pet owners, such as the elderly living on social security income that doesn't cover their basic living expenses, people who have lost their jobs and or their homes to foreclosure, etc. Most of our clients receive food stamps as they don't receive enough income to pay for their groceries after paying their rent and utilities, but food stamps can't be used to purchase pet food. We receive referrals from the Crisis Line/Elderly Hot Line where callers are provided information about local agencies that provide direct services. We are the only organization that has a pet food delivery program, critical to the elderly, the disabled.

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Your donation is 100% tax deductible- (501(c)(3) organization)You will be mailed a gift acknowledgment document upon receipt of donation for tax filing purposes.

 Approximately 18,000 dogs and cats were euthanized in Palm Beach County in 2012 (includes all county shelters (3), governmental and not-for-profit). That's way to many.  Approximately 12,000 dogs and cats were adopted from local shelters and from pet rescue organizations.

There are simply too many homeless pets. If owners can be provided a means to keep their pets at home, that will result in less animals being surrendered to the county facility where the majority are euthanized due to limited kennel space.

Puppies, kittens and small dogs have the best chances of finding new homes. Adult cats, pit bulls and large dog breeds have low odds of finding new forever homes.   

2009  Statistics-Adoptions and Euthanizations
Palm Beach County, Division of Animal Care and Control
West Palm Beach, FL. (provided Jan. 7, 2010)

Total Animals Sheltered/Assisted-                                             25,894
Total Dogs and Cats Euthanized in 2009-                                  16,574

Strays                                                       17,850

Owner Surrendered                                  6,661

Seized Animals (neglect, cruelty, etc.)        77

Adoptions                                                  5,471

Returned to Owner                                     1,957
Spay/neuter Surgeries Completed          6,941

Intake by Type:

   Dogs                                                        8,848

   Cats                                                       10,686
   Feral Cats                                               2,998
Euthanized-Breakdown per type          
    Dogs                                                       3,756
    Cats-Total                                             11,155
Domesticated Cats                                  8,256   (Lost, given away)
                 Feral Cats                                                2,899
  (trapped strays)
Owner Requested Euthanasia                     1,025   (Old Age, Traffic Accident, etc.)



Why? Be Paws you Care-As a public charity, we rely soley on public donations to support the Passion for Paws Food Bank program and other pet  care assistance programs. You can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. You can help keep pets in their forever homes. You can help save the lives of wonderful cats and dogs.  Your donations can be claimed as a charitable tax deduction on your tax return to the fullest extent of the law as we are an approved tax exempt  charitable organization under section 501c3 of the IRS tax code.

We are very grateful to our donors whose financial assistance permits us to provide short term and emergency pet food and pet care assistance to over 200 needy pet owners each year who are caring for collectively over 300 cats and dogs.We can assist more pet owners and abandoned dogs and cats with your help (foster care givers,adoptive families, marketing volunteers, donors, special event organizers, social media networkers, pet food and pet supply donations. 

SupportersLeslie L. Alexander Foundation, Inc, Banfield Charitable Trust, ASKK, Inc. Foundation, Folke H. Peterson Foundation,  The Tony Stewart Foundation, PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc., Wal-Mart Foundation, Wal-Mart Store #1436,  Home Depot Foundation, Caplan-Bensley Foundation, Daydreamer Enterprise Foundation, Inc., Hufty Foundation, Alexandra Hufty Anlyan, Pedigree Foundation, Knopf Family Foundation, Inc., Solomon Family Foundation Trust,  Marc and Cathy Solomon, Stephen H. Ellis Family Charitable Fund, Petco Foundation, Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation, Ripley Entertainment, Inc., Evolved Machines, Inc., Rhodes Holdings, Inc., Paul and Sarah Goodkin, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Jupiter-Tequesta Junior Woman's Club, SHAPE (Students Helping Achieve Philanthropic Excellence) Club of Lake Worth High School, SHAPE (Students Helping Achieve Philanthropic Excellence), Inc., George Cooksey, Paul and Susan Rhodes, George Anhang (given in memory of Mina bas Menachem Zev), Y. Cleomili Harris, Wagwaan Entertainment, Inc.  

Linda Chinn, Lesly S. Smith, Edith Rhodes, Dr. Jess Rhodes, MD, Susan Rhodes, Jim Forney, Larry McGinnes, Deborah L. Boudreau, Michael Schwartz, Barbara Z. Mallory, Paige Rense Noland, Edgar Otto, Peggy Tetley, Nicole Shuey, Colin Brown, Illisa Finkelman, Lucia Lopez, Debra S. Mailloux, Erin Santana, Gabrielle and Michael Zaidman, Melanie Burgess, Barbara Hilton Monz, Anna R. Taqueti.,  Deborah Barash, Liesl Marelli, Christopher D. Devine, Shannon Chamberlain, Daniel Harwick, Joan and Charles King, Larry and Andrea Carlton, Cassandra Appleman, Christine Cook, Gail Lee and Ronald Mills, Sandra and Roger Krakoff, Darlene Deaton and Julie Kemp, Michael O Callaghan, Palm Beach County North Lions Club, Baywind Community Shepherd's Guild,  Publix Supermarkets, Inc., Animal Hospital at the Market Place, Palm Beach Marriott Resort, SiSpa.  Law Offices of Perlet and Shiner, John Archer, Sandra Altner, Chris Zois, Beth and Jim Walton, Douglas Cioffero, Catherine Chalmers, Tara L. Leavy (memorial gift in honor of her mother, Sylvia K. Marks), Kevin D. and Mary Tree Morris,  Robert and Anne Van Gieson, Shirley Grabner, John and Fran Mezzetta, Carleen Skiles (given in honor of Dawn Favata), Janet Lennon-Wood, Vanessa Roden (given in memory of Roxie), April F. Clark, Scott and Esther Cohen, Stephen York, and Martha Harris, Lou Ann Labohn, Aloha Surf Camp, Donna Mayo, W. Benton and Mary Harrison.

Inkind-Donated or Discounted Goods and ServicesWal-Mart Stores, Home Depot Foundation, PowerSigns, Red Barn, Shores Animal Clinic, Palms West Animal Hospital, Hilason Saddlery, Isense, Inc., Delightful, Federal Grant Consulting Group, Ava Rhodes, Inc., Donna Tagg, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Green's Pharmacy, Fedco Pharmacy, Amici Market,Tacy Electrical Services, Adobe, Microsoft Corporation, Baywind Community Sheperd's Guild, Jupiter-Tequesta Junior Woman's Club, Palms West Animal Hospital, Shores Animal Hospital, Mid County Veterinary Hospital, Veterinary Surgical Specialists, Jenson Beach Animal Hospital, Shannon Chamberlain, Daniel Hardwick, Dayanna Isoph, Beverly Pepe, Jennifer and Taylor Snow.

                 Thank you for Caring!

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