Tammy Ingram volunteered for us for two years.  Tammy fostered Faith, a nine pound miniature Pinscher, who was rescued from the Palm Beach Animal Shelter with a fractured leg.  Tammy not only provided Faith with a safe and loving foster home, she drove her to the vet for x-rays  and cast changes every week for 8 weeks - 100 miles roundtrip. Passion for Paws subsidized Faith's food and vet care (and the gas for her trips to the vet).

Tammy also made sure that sure that Faith had clean bandages and did not jump around possibly reinjuring her leg. 

The result - Faith has full use of her broken leg.

Our heartfelt thanks to Tammy!

Not all of our foster volunteers need to act as a chauffeur to their pets.  All cases are unique as the animals themselves.  And Passion for Pets subsidizes food and care for foster volunteers.

According to Ava Rhodes, founder and executive director, "Fostering is a great opportunity for someone who wants a pet but isn't ready to make a long term commitment or would like to take part in saving the lives of many pets.  Also it is a way to get to know a pet before you adopt them to see if they are a good fit.  Many foster parents end up adopting their foster pets.  Being a foster volunteer is a truly rewarding experience and enriches your life while saving your foster pets life.  We can rescue as many dogs and cats as we have volunteers willing to provide temporary homes." 

If you would like to learn more about our foster care volunteer please give us a call at 561-420-0533 or email director@passionforpaws.info.

Thank you to all our foster volunteers

  • Tammy Ingram
  • Carmen Alvarez
  • Tara Gillespie
  • Kendall Castey
  • Lisa Abruzzio
  • Rosie Younger
  • Jadene Mock


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