A donation was given to Passion for Paws by Ava Rhodes in celebration of Honey Bear's life.  He was rescued from Peggy Adams Humane Shelter in 1999 when he was six months old.  He was a beautiful, happy dog who had endless enthusiasm for going on his walks.  He loved running on the beach.  He was kind to everyone he met. 

In Memory of Honey Bear (Feb. 1998 - Dec. 2009)

A memorial donation was given by Christopher D. Devine in memory of his much loved cat, Jack.

In Memory of Jack

In Memory of Roxy

"Her faith, trust, and love shined brightly in our lives even though she was rescued from an abusive home.  She loved unconditionally and always knew how to cuddle quietly when her humans were sick.  She was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle soul.  Rest in peace, Roxy girl.  We carry you in our hearts forever."

- A donation was given by Vanessa Roden in memory of Roxy

We encourage donations in memory of beloved pets that have passed on or those who have loved them. Gifts in their honor can help other pets and their owners who are currently in need of assistance.

Please tell us about your honoree and we will  include that description with their photo.  We accept digital or paper photos (we can scan the photo to include on this site). Remember to make a copy of your photo before submitting. Please send photo and description to PO Box 373 Palm Beach, FL 33480.

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