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Pet Rescue and Placement Program

Although our main mission is to keep pets in their forever homes, there are situations when an animal needs to be rescued.  We rescue these homeless and needy pets.  We then facilitate their adoption into good homes.  This sometimes includes placing the animal in foster care home until we find them a proper home.  We provide food and care while these pets are in foster care.

Unlike puppies and kittens, large and "so-called" dangerous breeds can be hard to place. We facilitate foster care alternatives when the owners of these dogs become homeless. We provide food and care for these dogs while they are in foster care.  

 In most cases, foster care is temporary but  sometimes  there is a need for extended foster care.    In many cases these pet owners are staying  with family, friends or in shelters that do not allow pets. We have had success reuniting the owners with their pets once housing is secured.

There are occasions when pet owners do not find housing and must surrender their dogs. We will then facilitate permanent adoption for these dogs.

Temporary Foster Care for Dogs

Pet Care Assistance

Besides offering pet food, we also pay for veterinary costs for pet owners in financial need. This includes emergency surgery,  annual exams, sterilization procedures, vaccinations and other important care.  

Our support is based on a sliding scale and pet owners must prove financial need and fill out a short application.

Assistance for Senior Pet Owners

We provide pet food and care, on a sliding scale, to seniors who are in financial need. This allows seniors, who are often alone, to keep their beloved pets. 

Currently, Florida does not provide social worker visitation or nursing care services to help seniors living alone keep their pets. 

Our services of food and care help seniors in financial need keep their companions. This keeps pets out of shelters and helps these seniors maintain their independent lives. 

Pet owners facing financial difficulties can receive food for their pets on an emergency temporary basis through our Pet Food Pantry. Homebound pet owners are also served through this program.

To qualify, pet owners must fill out a short application, permit a home visit and provide proof of financial need. 

Pet food delivery is available to the homebound - seniors, the disabled and those without transportation.


Pet Food Pantry


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