We rescued Lucky from the Palm Beach County shelter.  She had been picked up as a stray and no one claimed her.  Because she was under four months old and had skin parasites, she was not eligible for the shelter's adoption program.  We were given the opportunity to help her before she was due to be put down. 

We cleared up her skin condition with ivermectin and medicated shampoo. We found her a foster home and subsidized the cost of her food and vet care.  Part of our services is providing pet food and care to foster volunteers so they can care for pets while we find their forever homes. 

After two months, Lucky was adopted and now is the cherished pet in a loving home.


How you can Help


We recently received a request for financial aid from an eighteen year old, senior in high school who had taken in a dog stray – Guy. The young woman had recently moved out of her family home for the first time, and felt an immediate kinship with the dog living on his own.  When she found him he was skinny and dirty.  She went to work feeding, bathing and loving Guy.  Sure enough Guy responded to all the love and attention.  According to his human mom, “he blossomed into a fun-loving, outgoing, playful and oh-so sweet angel.” 

Unfortunately, Guy got out of a gate and was hit by a car. The driver left the scene.  Guy’s mom was so scared that she had lost her little half.  Thankfully, Gus survived that accident but his right hind leg was injured.  The vet believed his leg was broken or possibly shattered.  The vet bills began to add up.  The initial x-ray was $150 and the needed surgery would be $2,000. 

Guy’s mom reached out to Ava who contacted Jupiter Veterinary Specialists.  Top orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Frederico Latimar expertly mended Guy’s fractured hind leg which needed plates and pins.

Ava continues to work with the young woman to coordinate possible donations from other pet welfare charities (Save a Pet, Onyx and Breezy) to help raise funds toward the surgery cost.  The young woman’s boyfriend also started a gofundme page, raising $140. 

Another example of how several charities working together can save a sweet pet’s life.  


Here is another case of several pet welfare organizations based in South Florida working together to help a low income pet owner access vet care for a beloved pet that needed a costly cystotomy procedure.  

Lexi, a seven-year-old Cockapoo, was miserable and suffering from urinary issues.  She needed cystotomy surgery to remove the uric crystal stones that had formed in her bladder.  The attending veterinarian found and removed 137 stones from her 21-pound body. 

Lexi may not have been so fortunate if it weren’t for the help of two South Florida based pet welfare charities and a not for profit vet clinic.  Her human Mom, Sonia, a single parent could not afford the costly surgery on her own.  This surgery would have cost approximately $1,500 or higher if it were to be performed at a private veterinary hospital. 

She reached out to the Justin Bartlett Animal Hospital of Royal Palm Beach, FL., affiliated with the Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue organization. The not for profit vet clinic agreed to perform the surgery for $850. 

Two additional non-profits stepped up to assist with the cost of the surgery.  Passion for Paws donated $250 and another local pet charity, Save a Pet Florida, donated $300.  Sonia paid the remaining $300.

Lexi is recovered fully.  According to Sonia, “Lexi is so happy, probably feeling like a puppy. Very energized, eating and drinking well, playful and no more pee accidents and full bladder control. We are so happy to see her well.”

Success Stories

How we Help

Ghost and Magic

Ghost and her puppy, Magic, belong to an owner who currently has no means of transportation and is receiving food stamps which do not cover the cost of pet food.  We provide pet food for Ghost and Magic so they are able to stay with their owner who loves them very much.

After Ghost had her puppies, the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control took care of her spay surgery.  They also inserted a microchip and took care of her vaccinations. 

Many pit bulls end up in shelters and they have very low adoption rates.  So it was very important that Ghost and Magic were not surrendered  to a shelter.  This is a good example of two charities working together to help pets and their owners. 

These are just a few pets and their owners that we were able to help through your donations.  Thank you.

Loretta and Rocky

Loretta, a senior with disabilities, shares her one bedroom apartment with her old yellow lab, Rocky. It is important that they stay together. As an older dog, with hot spots and separation anxiety, it would be difficult for Rocky to adjust to a shelter.  And Loretta needs the companionship and unconditional love Rocky provides.

Loretta is on a low income and barely able to pay her utilities. She uses a donated scooter to get around and remain independent. She relies on our Senior pet care assistance program to help her care for Rocky. We deliver food to seniors, the disabled and those without transportation. By providing a means to feed Rocky, he can stay with Loretta in his forever home. 


We rescued Faith from the Palm Beach County Animal shelter.  She had been surrendered to the shelter with a broken leg. 

Our foster volunteer gave her a home.  For seven weeks, our volunteer drove Faith over 100 miles (roundtrip) to our vet for cast changes and x-rays.  After $1000 of discounted vet care and much tender loving foster mom, Faith was able to walk again.

We provided Faith pet food through our Pet Food pantry which provides food to foster volunteers to subsidize the cost of caring for the pets.